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making hemp rope the old way



The Chimp:
Great share. +1

I watched a movie, I think at the Banff traveling film festival, about a couple of Swiss climbers who climbed the Eiger in the early 00s, in the style of the FA from the 1930s.  They gathered up some old gear, recreated other stuff, and went for it.

here's a clip, the full movie I saw was probably 30 mins or more.

ive made alot of cord,
but never rope
know the process but that really shed light on details of the process the basic presentations miss.w
what doing a good job involved

  in ages past,
wouldnt have been some old men beating that out in a field
would have been teams of able bodies crowded pushing past each other left to right for miles churning out the amounts of rope each global empire need before steam

to say noting of the armies it would take to keep them in the combed fiber it would take just to do their work

we all know the birth of the clip knife
what we dont know as well is that lots of details of how sailing traders managed their rigging is lost

so we learn a great deal whenever shipwrecks are found in cold waters that preserve their rigging

how it was run,
what knots were used where


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