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People who shouldn't be climbing


Roger Kint:
Here's just one example:

RussWalling (has/been/hxm/Scots-Anglx):
Big day out for that dude

seems a little harsh? Guy said he'd been climbing 30 years.  Glad he's ok.

There are plenty of people out there who shouldn't be climbing, for sure. 

A few years back, at a pile of mud I bolted, this guy and his girlfriend show up.  Guy jumps right on a zero star 5.12 and starts hanging all over it. He looks gym strong, but doesn't know how to climb. At like bolt 5, he finally asks if he was on the decent .11a. No, we tell him.  He ties off on a single bolt, he wants his girlfriend to practice jugging so she can follow him on a multi pitch.

Not very comfortable to watch, jugging on a single bolt in shitty conglomerate, not the best idea.  but they get some practice in.

We point them to the multi pitch at some point, and they start up.  Guy is hiking now.  gets to anchor, girlfriend has big pack and experience jugging 10 feet.  She can't jug the pitch. going inches at a time.  Crying, and apologizing to her shitty boyfriend.  who is now clearly sulking.  At least they bailed and hiked out of there after a pitch.

its bad when they leave diapers...


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