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These were always the best.  They don't tend to stay up on YouTube long, I think Perlman checks for them and has them pulled. 

One of my early goals as a climber, was to do as many routes that DanO soloed in those films.  As I did, I began to notice things.  In his solo of Purple Haze, Dan leaves the crack and is hanging out on this knob on the face.  So I went back and did PH again, and climbed out to that knob... and it sucked!  WTF was he doing out there with no rope??

He did the same thing on Airy interlude. I climbed the crack/corner start, when I got home I rewatched it, and DanO was climbing the far outer part of the corner as a blank arete, the holds there were nothing but dimples. 

Dano routinely made impossible looking moves.   I was luckee enough to be a friend and we did many things including some climbing.   I always swore that he could rob people of their ability when on the same rope-by osmosis~~~ all the climbing talent ending up in his arms and legs.  We always got a laugh outta that. 

RussWalling (has/been/hxm/Scots-Anglx):
Them was good vids!

Yes they were they totally fired my inspiration to get out and climb


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