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Message for Merlin Cam users -regarding recall/update.



Recieved from Merlin Cam today:

"Merlin Cam Users,Hope this finds everyone doing well.  As part of the voluntary cam recall from earlier this year on #8's (SN 1-242) and #10's (SN 1-76), I'm still doing stem upgrades for anyone who wanted to do this but hasn't yet.  Just send your cams to Merlin Rock Gear at 3871 Piedmont Ave #16, Oakland, CA 94611 and I should be able to turn them around pretty quickly depending on how many more I get. 

One change I've implemented on all stem upgrades is to include this "moment arm" part that bolts to the base of the stem.  (picture below)

I've described this before but it basically helps turn the cam in the direction of applied force in an off-axis loading scenario.  It also helps control how and where the stem is bent in such an event.  When the cam is loaded inline with the stem, it does absolutely nothing and is purely decorative.  The two parts that comprise the moment arm can be retrofitted on any existing cam.  They just fit around the stem end (I-beam part) and then bolt together with the four screws shown.  Same parts work on a #8 or #10.  If you never take whippers on these cams, you probably have no need for these parts.  If you do take whippers on these or plan to but don't want to get the stem upgrade, this is not a bad addition as it would help protect you in an off-axis fall scenario.  If you want to add these parts to your cam, it's easy enough to do yourself and I can send you the parts and even the 7/64" hex key if you don't have one, at no charge.  Just let me know.

I ended up getting another batch of T-shirts last time and still have a bunch of those left if anyone is still looking for one.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!


RussWalling (has/been/hxm/Scots-Anglx):
Saw a post about this on the Proj... sounds like an ok fix but the noodle of a stem is worrisome to me

Anything called "Merlin" is too gay to use


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